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Re: Re: (TFT) Flying combat

Hi Aidan,

A lot of other folks on here will have different reads, this is all "IMHO" Basically I don't see "engaged" as meaning "we can attack each other" It is more "You can attack/impede me, thus I HAVE to pay attention to you, therefore I am engaged". That is why you can't engage a dragon by yourself (unless you are also "unusually sized". Adding 3 dimensions means that anytime the flyer adds some height, groundpounder can't reach/impede. Thus, as long as the ceiling is high enough, I would rule the flyer not engaged, while the groundpounder is, just as a backstabber is not engaged per the rules. But the backstabbee is.

I did once allow someone to ignore engagement in a game - it was one of those things where the lever had to be pulled in time or Bad Things(tm) would happen, player wanted to just run madly past the guard in the way during his movement turn. After some discussion, I allowed it. Of course, I did decide the guard would get an attack as he passed by, with the combined advantages of setting a polearm and a backstrike (+6 DX to hit, double damage on a hit) due to the lack of defense and the momentum issues. Fortunately while the guard was pausing to cut the throat of the knocked down rusher, the mage with the bullwhip managed to yank the lever.



At 02:44 PM 11/3/2006, you wrote:

Thanks for the education. I don't know how many times I must have read that passage. I was confused a little by the passage "taking a swipe as it flies by." Wouldn't this mean that the flier engaged the ground fighter then disengaged; that is, as long as they weren't using a pole weapon? A sword reaches the same distance whether both opponents were on the ground or in the air. At some point, the flier has to engage the ground fighter in order to conduct a melee attack, that is unless the rules mean that a flier can conduct melee without engaging.

Glad I could give you some nasty ideas. The thought of flying monkeys still gives me the creeps.


From: Eric Coles <eac42@columbia.edu>
Date: 2006/11/03 Fri PM 01:08:58 CST
To: tft@brainiac.com
Subject: Re: (TFT) Flying combat

Hi Aidan,

Per Advanced Melee:

"Most flying creatures may attack foes on the ground. This attack
will also be. at -4 DX (the flier is either hovering or taking a
swipe as it flies past; neither is especially accurate) unless the
attacking flier is a small creature (Dragonet or smaller) attacking a
much larger target. Dragon-fire and thrown spells may also be used
from the air without DX-."

"Some fliers will drop rocks or weapons on their foes. Spears and
axes may be dropped at -4 to hit but do +2 damage if they connect."

What I get from the comment in Aerial combat re engagement is that
combatants on the ground cannot engage a flyer except in enclosed
spaces ("The addition of the third dimension does allow fliers to
cross over fires, walls, shadows, and foes where there is enough
room. ").  However I would allow a flyer to engage a foe on the
ground.  And they would both be at -4DX.    Reading the rule above re
dropped spears and axes, it seems that it would be a whole lot more
accurate (as well as damaging) to "drop" the weapon than to "throw"
it.  Coments welcome.

I do think that your javelin-using flyers should seriously consider
the Thrown Weapons talent.  I also usually create flying things as
pretty high DX - with a penalty for fighting on the ground.  And you
are giving me some nasty ideas, I think it's time to introduce the
flying monkeys using net and trident....


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