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Re: Re: (TFT) Flying combat --> Rick's engagement rules.

Hi Eric, everyone.
  In my campaign I usually use a rule like you did in
your example below.

  TFT says somewhere that you should be reasonable about
who can engage who.  The example was a 10 year old girl 
could not engage a knight in full armor.  I ruled thus:

  At any time in movement, a player can say "Character A
does not engage me!" and act as if character A is not 
there.  However character A gets a free attack on the 
player who is ignoring him, at either +2 DX or +2 damage 
(attacker's choice) during movement.  If no (or 
insignificant) damage is done, well, I guess he really
DIDN'T engage the player's character.

  This rule works very well, is logical and can help
keep Melee a game of maneuver.

  Using it, I WOULD engage the flying figure if it was
in reach of me.  It could say that I don't engage it, but 
it better be prepared to risk my free blow.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 13:38, Eric Coles wrote:
> Hi Aidan,
> A lot of other folks on here will have different reads, this is all 
> "IMHO"  Basically I don't see "engaged" as meaning "we can attack 
> each other"    It is more "You can attack/impede me, thus I HAVE to 
> pay attention to you, therefore I am engaged".  That is why you can't 
> engage a dragon by yourself (unless you are also "unusually 
> sized".  Adding 3 dimensions means that anytime the flyer adds some 
> height, groundpounder can't reach/impede.  Thus, as long as the 
> ceiling is high enough, I would rule the flyer not engaged, while the 
> groundpounder is, just as a backstabber is not engaged per the 
> rules.  But the backstabbee is.
> I did once allow someone to ignore engagement in a game - it was one 
> of those things where the lever had to be pulled in time or Bad 
> Things(tm) would happen, player wanted to just run madly past the 
> guard in the way during his movement turn.  After some discussion,  I 
> allowed it.  Of course, I did decide the guard would get an attack as 
> he passed by, with the combined advantages of setting a polearm and a 
> backstrike (+6 DX to hit, double damage on a hit) due to the lack of 
> defense and the momentum issues.  Fortunately while the guard was 
> pausing to cut the throat of the knocked down rusher, the mage with 
> the bullwhip managed to yank the lever.
> Best,
> Eric
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