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Re: Re: Re: (TFT) Flying combat

Hi Eric. You wrote:

" Adding 3 dimensions means that anytime the flyer adds some 
height, groundpounder can't reach/impede.  Thus, as long as the 
ceiling is high enough, I would rule the flyer not engaged, while the groundpounder is, just as a backstabber is not engaged per the 
rules.  But the backstabbee is."

I never thought of it that way. Good point. It does make some sense to compare flier vs. ground to to backstabber vs. backstabbee. I guess the effect is that regardless of whether or not you're "engaged", if the critter is close enough for your weapon to reach while in one of your front hex zones then you can attack it in melee. 

Now just how a ground guy goes into HTH with the flier is something else! I think that you would not (could not) rely on MA because the flight MA would always prevail and HTH would never occur without agreement, except maybe in very confined spaces. In DT2, the rules allow slimes to engage in HTH based upon +3 advantage on the initiative regardless of the relation of their MA to the opponent. If the flier is in the same hex (albeit above) or adjacent hex and the ground pounder had a signficant initiative advantage, perhaps some attempt could be made to grapple the hovering/passing flier as long as it could otherwise conduct a melee attack. I don't know, maybe you need acrobatics or UC talents. I can envision this happening in an upcoming game. I just want to have a reasonable response.

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