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RE: (TFT) Is TFT a role playing or board game?

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> From: "George Dew" 
> Chris is right that PAs are limiting.
> Unfortunately, there's not really much that we can do about it.
> PAs offer individuals the ability to play adventures either by just reading
> through, or by playing solitaire. This is better than nothing at all.
> For groups, programmed adventures offer people the opportunity to play
> through adventures without having to do the massive amount of background
> work required to write an interesting campaign. Once you have this baseline,
> the GM can expound freely on what the adventurers can do, provided the GM
> has an understanding of the PA.

I'm trying hard for what I'm calling a Programed Enviroment.

My current problem is ME.
I have to be present to SHOW someone how to run the thing.

This is unacceptable.

But I'm getting there.
It's just frustrating.


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