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Re: (TFT) Re: Terrain

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> From: "Mark Tapley" 
> 	I suspect I'm not helping in your effort to make workable, simple 
> approximations; please ignore as appropriate.

Au contraire, your comments are of great help.
I've got a figure of ~ 40% muscel mass (30% female) and about 20% bone mass, compared to total body mass.
I was only looking at humans height because something like a horse is ~ 8 1/2 ft in length, which kinda makes a humans "thickness" negligable from a general standpoint.
At least that's what I've been thinking, but I'm not possitive about my reasoning.
I'm exploring this for a few reasons.
1st, TFT's combat movement dose not accurately describe full speed movement like sprinting, etc.
2nd, I'm trying to define Terain Modifiers via the "Physics" rather than by arbitrary assignment.
3rd, I'm trying to Scale up for Large Scale Actions, and Scale down for "Action Time" or Actions described in detail.
Kinda like slow-mo.
4th, Limits. Always limits.
What MA = speed of sound?
Escape velocity?

I don't need perfect accuracy, but just assigning a MA dosen't cover situations like a Horse and a Rabbit both listed at about the same Max speed (Horse runs fast longer because of ST).
Run them both uphill and see who gets there first.

Thanks for the insightful comments.
I'll adjust accordingly.


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