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Re: (TFT) fatigue and death

In a message dated 5/19/2008 2:05:44 PM Central Daylight Time, 
brandon@pokemon-seattle.com writes:

> The idea of Conan the battle axe wielding wizard always bugged me.

Mileage does vary. I know a lot of people embrace the concept of wizards 
being physically weak and scrawny but magically powerful. OTOH, one of the things 
I *like* about TFT is the way it cuts against this particular trope. I *like* 
the idea of a wizard being strong enough to wield a battleax or other Great 
Big Weapon while still being pure wizard. There are even examples in fantasy 
stories of wizards who look old and weak but who are actually physically very 
strong. One of my favorite things about TFT is the way it allows & encourages 
wizards to be "well-rounded" in their attributes, rather than pushing them into 
being "Johnny one-stat" characters, the way certain other RPGs do. 

The thing is, I like to think of magic as being analogous to unarmed combat, 
as being a sort of "ranged unarmed combat technique." I extend the analogy to 
make stereotypical wizards resemble the stereotypical practitioner of exotic 
martial arts. They both mostly use unarmed attacks, but sometimes use exotic 
weapons. Or deceptively simple-looking weapons - like a staff :)  They both tend 
to have wierd philosophies and to have oddball (and sometimes extraordinary) 
"non-combat" skills & abilities. And they tend to be scrawny-looking, often 
old and wizened, - and to be physically much stronger than they look. 

OTOH, I am bothered by the way BTB TFT has fatigue brings a wizard (or 
non-wizard, if he expends fatigue) closer to dying. So IMC I treat St loss from 
fatigue and from regular injury as coming from two separate pools. (With physical 
St loss that makes a figure physically weaker being a third pool.) 

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