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(TFT) Re: Do you remember the first time you played?

I had been playing AD&D for about two years as well as a few other wargames, you know 
  things like Star Fleet Battles and a few Avolon Hill games. Then I was at my favorite store, 
  King's Hobby Shop on N. Lamar in Austin, and there was these "new" Microgames by Metagaming. 
  I chose "Warp War" as my 1st microgame to try, because I was fascinated by the novel
  "diceless" combat. I read the rules and inside a half hour I was playing. (I actually conned
  my dad into trying it and he does not play many games) It turned out to be great, and soon 
  I had all my friends playing.
   Then I bought two more microgames on my next trip to King's Hobby Shop. OGRE and 
  Melee. I played OGRE 1st since there was solo scenarios, but I read the Melee rules
  that same evening. Monday I took Melee with me to school, (Round Rock High School),
  and Billy helped me give it our 1st test run. It was love at first blood !! We dueled at lunch
  everyday and even started going to school early to play. 
  Then Wizard came out and we both showed up at school with our copies of Wizard, 
  we both tried to get it 1st, but turns out we both had bought it on the same day and 
  had just missed each other at the store. 
  Soon after we had done Death Test and DT2, and when the Advanced Books came out,
  we grabbed them really enthusiastically. Soon we were only playing about four games:
  Ace of Aces, Nuclear War-card game, Car Wars, The Fantasy Trip on a regular basis.
  We still played Star Fleet Battles, some AD&D, Traveller, and other microgames, but
  that little game of Melee changed our gaming habits greatly.  I still love the TFT games!
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