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RE: (TFT) TRAMPLE Questions

> so far I'm pretty impressed with the Mounted

> Combat rules from Advanced Melee. However,


> [ combat example ]


> Do I have that about right?


>  Sgt Hulka

     First let me say, well done.  Eighty percent of the melee
questions/complaints I have read include a sample that has a figure running up
to engage and entering HTH in the same turn.  Something you rightly point out
is not possible in the face of engagement.  Every other specific detail you
mention is dead accurate.  There is one minor detail at the end though.  The
horse is described as both trampling and kicking the fallen billman.  The
trampling part is correct as the horse and figure share the same hex.  Kicking
may only be done to the side or rear hex.  See WARHORSES ITL page 60, first
full paragraph.

David Michael Grouchy II

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