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RE: (TFT) New/Monster Followers

> From: pvk@oz.net
> Our players did discuss the New Followers and Monster Followers talents, and
basically thought they were pretty artificial clunky rules and kind of
humorous, especially "Monster Followers". If someone wants to base a campaign
on developing a network of followers, that's really cool and I'd want to
develop it far more than those rules. In practice, it was generally done by
roleplaying and GM intelligence and imagination, rather than by devoting IQ
points to New Followers and so magically being entitled to a specific number
of followers. Charisma and other character abilities and traits are of course
part of the considerations, as well as the situation. In hindsight, I guess it
does make some sense to have the ability to lead others be treated as a talent
to some degree, but not quite so simple as the talent description makes it.>
    There is a whole universe there still to be discovered.  Don't stop with
the first blush.  Take the example of someone who when they were young
"giggled" when they first heard of sex.  But then when they go older they
approached it with "inteligence and imagination" to use your words.  A healthy
first step.  But there is more.  Much more.

David Michael Grouchy II

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