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(TFT) Jaguar Dreams

Jaguar Dreams

     You are not a dream.  Youre one of those humans trying to put visions in
my mind.  Well nice try, but I am Jaguar.  I have been a spirit vision to your
people since before you could write.

     I will not eat a baby.  If a doe rejects its young, and does not nurse it
enough, it becomes weak, and stays small.  It has been rejected is isnt
really dear is it.  If I take it I am doing the herd a favor by removing that
which is not a deer.  It is no longer theirs, it is mine.  I eat what is mine.
I will not eat a baby.

     I am not a liar.  The grotesque monkey, called the howler monkey is a
liar.  I will not leave my poo laying around, but will bury it as is proper.
I will not impersonate a monkey hooting and grunting but will sit calmly in my
tree and witness creation passing beneath its limbs.  But the Howler monkey
will impersonate a cat.  They will growl and snarl and hiss, to sound just
like a Jaguar looking for a mate.  And when they lure a Jaguar what do they
find.  A filthy howler monkey and his empire of poo.  Its enough to make a
Jaguar give up procreation all together.  So.  Because I am not a liar, and
for Jaguars everywhere I will kill a howler monkey.  But I wont eat it.
Dirty things.  Ill leave it dead for the bugs.

      We cats are defined by what we will not do.  You humans by what you do
not know.  This is why you think you are more important than cats.  Because
what you do not know is practically everything.  Whereas what we will not do,
is a small group of important things.

      We will not help you if you are scared.  There is nothing a Jaguar can
do with a scared human.  You make so much noise we cannot hear the world.
Only a truly brave human can be helped.  You will be surprised how many humans
are truly brave.  Able to sit there in perfect quiet and just listen.  Place
their eyes on our ears and watch them as they twitch and point in different

     Our ears can hear what a snake is thinking.  Our ears can hear the orders
of the queen bee.  And our ears can hear the very color of the stars.   Now
leave my mind, and come back when you have learned to be quiet within

   - Jaguar in a tree

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