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Re: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

>For some reason I pictured each module with a full color
>photo cover and the thickness of a a national Geographic.

Thank-you sir for the kind words. 

I'm sorry you were not with us when we encountered the last chief and his 
ritualistic headdress of charisma!? The native women jumped bare-breasted,
in time with the wild rhythm of the drums as servants raised our party leader 
and cast him into the abysmal crack of fire!? Each of us, having drunk of the 
native waters and snorted their sacred powder rejoiced to know that the 
power of the village was secure once again.? The fire that bubbles the water
would fade and the fish would return!

Does it matter that our quest ended in failure, none of the party ever to be 
seen again in the west?

Good Fortune,
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