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Re: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

>    So you party left the world of time behind and retired to the native dream
>world?  Either its the first step to immortality or a court marshal, depending
>if anyone comes looking for you.  Haha, though from the sound of it the party
>leader got the express lane to their firey finale.

The characters who embarked on that particular mission had grown to a point where
they were not really fun to play anymore.  I think we all knew that it was the end
of the road when we were surrounded by about 10,000 pygmies.  After the feats of 
strength and the trials (which we all passed) everyone drank from the village
fountain.  We didn't know that this would add a die to our save rolls against the 
mask's powerful suggestion charms.  Everyone failed to save except for our leader, 
the wily peg-leg, physicker-doctor.  And what could he do? So, the rest of our 
characters live on as blithefully happy members of the tribe, fishing and adding our 
superior genetics to the pygmie children.  And the our doctor, he made one last 
expert naturalist roll to identify a very rare type of fire-daemon as he fell into the 
lava at the bottom of the crevice.  

Good Fortune, Richard
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