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Re: (TFT) New Spell - Bind Scroll

Up to five scrolls may be bound into a book as a single enchantment.  Four
additional enchantments may be placed on the book, (but no additional
scrolls).  I considered making each bound scroll count as a single
enchantment against the rule of five, but to me at least it did not make
sense.  Like any scroll a bound scroll cannot be used to create a magic

Lets see if I can make this more palatable with additional restrictions.

   1. Only wizards can use bound scrolls. (debatable, what do you think)
   2. To use a bound scroll a wizard need not know the spell but his IQ must
   be the same level or higher.
   3. It takes 3 turns to read a spell from a bound scroll.
   4. To cast the wizard must make his DX roll vs 3 die.
   5. Whether he makes the roll or not the full ST cost of the spell is
   6. Only one attempt to cast a spell per day per bound scroll is allowed.

This does not seem overpowering to me.  An IQ 8 scroll costs,$300, an IQ 8
bound scroll costs, $20,200, you could buy 67 IQ 8 scrolls for the cost of a
single bound one.  Buying single use scrolls has the advantage of
versatility, they need not all be of the same type, and if you did have 67
scrolls you could cast all of them one after the other, at least until your
ST ran out.  The ratio gets worst the higher the IQ level of the scroll, you
could buy 400 IQ level 20 scrolls for the cost to bind just one.

The advantages of bound scrolls are that they do not self destruct, you
could pass the book on to your descendants.  They can be made self powered,
although that is ungodly expensive.  While slightly slower than a normal
scroll they are much faster than a normal book.

I see a book of bound scrolls as something that is worked on over
generations, slowly increasing and augmenting it's power.

I did not think of it when I first proposed the spell, but you should be
able to take a bound scroll that is not self powered, and make it self
powered.  While it is being worked on it cannot be otherwise used.  It takes
10 times as long to make a bound scroll self powered.  The time in weeks
equals the IQ level of the spell times 10.

The main groups to possess bound scrolls are governments, and those wizard
guilds that have been around forever.

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 1:25 PM, David Michael Grouchy II <
david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:

> > Is it that bad?  Only five scrolls can be bound into a single book, and
> > each additional one doubles in price.  Binding a single IQ 20 scroll
> costs
> > $601,000.  All the characters I have ever played could not come up with a
> > small fraction of that amount combined.
> Edward,
>   One question.  Are these in addition to the rule of five.  If the answer
> is
> yes then no price is high enough.  If the answer is no then it should be
> considered relative to the cost to enchant the actual items.
> David Michael Grouchy II
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