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RE: (TFT) New Spell - Bind Scroll

> Subject: Re: (TFT) New Spell - Bind Scroll

> 6. Only one attempt to cast a spell per day per bound scroll is allowed.
> This does not seem overpowering to me.

    I see.  First off I do like the idea.  The concept, the story, the way you
see it actually playing.  I'm just cutting into the joint, the weak spot I
see.  The one players can use to invalidate the rest of the magic system with.
With that said I refine my counterpoint to one specific issue of you original
rules.  I liked them better.

     The option for self powered has got to go.

     Each day I turn on a scroll of a spell that costs 1 pont to maintain.
Let's say, blur, inviso, fly, and spell shield.  So with four trips to the
scroll book over four days I get...

     a) even if captured the items are back at home
     b) even if killed by lightning the items are safe back at home
     c) searching me, and removing my gear does nothing
     d) spell sniffer does what now?  Does it show an astral thread trailing
back to the library where the self powered fatigue points are coming from?
The normal self powered items must be worn carried by the player.

     e) But even if the scroll book has to be carried, I have yet to see a
compelling reason to make this different than a normal enchantment.  A normal
enchantment who's flavor and game identity is that of a scroll.  One
considered the ultimate type of true scroll.  But governed by the normal
enchantment rules none the less.

David Michael Grouchy II

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