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(TFT) Veteran DMs: I need some help with scenario ideas

Need some fast and furious fantasy prison Island run ideas....

'The players are trapped on a jungle prison island, surrounded by a 3 mile
mote of crocs, aligators, and alisaurs, some pterodacs, and a host of
unsavory as yet undocumented monsters. There is one monster that Bites heads
of humanoids. He is very jumpy and intimidating. He looks like the biped
from bugs bunny cartoon: "monsters are such interesting people." The bat
like people from the conan movie, also exist.

Besides the players there are:

3 groups of prisoners, all deposed honor guards of the human/orc/demon
prince of the southern/burning empire.

Red orcs, the best in combat, but the fewest in number. Very superstitious,
they follow a shaman.

Green Orcs (Standard orcs), Master fighters(current lingo: asymetric style
fighting) highest population, hearty robust, fearlous: currently hosting the
heroes stay on the island.

Chabursts, viscous and fearless, goblins. lowest in number, but cause fear
among the red and green orcs.

The Chabursts were the princes favorite group till they were accused of
trying to unseat (murder) him.

Currently the players are siding with the green orcs and on a special
mission to kidnap the goblin chiefs wife and child. One of their players is
also captured in the chaburts brigg.

Aside the rescue, I dont know what to plan for them. the Green orcs cmdr
happens to be more slippery and slimey character wise than any of the other
leaders. He has promised that he will help the characters escape if they
help him settle a score, and try to steal the lead from the Chaburts for
rule of the prison island.
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