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RE: (TFT) Swords'n'Sorcery Terminator

> If permanently dead, wouldn't it lose its regenerative powers? The zombie
> spell says that wounds don't heal naturally but must rely on outside magic.
> Is healing and regeneration the same thing?
> Inquiring minds want to know.
> Aidan

   Even more thoughts provoked.  I reread his great intro paragraph, then the
monster design, and by the close I can hear the terminator music playing.  So
can a slime be made undead?  You know, silver.   You know for terminator 2 and
the liquid metal.

   As for regeneration.  Doesn't regeneration, by definition, work after
death.  But Zombie, by definition, cause rot and decay down to skeletal form.
So it seems that the troll would be a zombie until it regenerated it's first
positive hit point and then would become alive again.  But casting Zombie
spell gives it a positive ST so . . .  the next turn?  I feel a conceptual
opposition here.  An item with immunity to zombie may be a hidden from of
regeneration from negative to positive 1 ST.  It feels like a merry go round.
I'm getting dizzy.  Someone stop this thing so I can get off.

David Michael Grouchy II

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