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Re: (TFT) Prone Rule Question

I've seen two characters occupy one hex under the following conditions:

1. One character is unconscious 0 fatigue or asleep per spell, and the other moves on top of them avoiding stepping on them as if they were dead.  If the other wakes up, then that other must stay still/prone and the other must continue to make dx rolls to avoid stepping on them and falling into a pile.

2. One character carries another.  Burdeoned, half MA, unless they are ST 18+ in which case I have seen GM's rule that they can possibly still fight with one hand and move almost normally.

3. One character falls onto another from height.  Both characters take damage and end up prone.  

4. Both characters are standing as in "packed elevator" or "front row at a concert".  Both characters are unable to do anything but disengage from each other.  

5. One character is being trampled by another.

6. Characters are in HTH pile, fighting or wrestling (attempting to pin a foe). 

7. One character teleports into hex with another figure in it, both characters die. (per teleport spell, IQ15)

8. Character in same hex where daemon is summoned.  Bummer for character, instantly in HTH pile with daemon.  We've ruled that since Daemons are familiar with teleportation, that they do not merge with others when summoned.

9. One character flying, one standing.  Flying character forced to land, both make dx roll to remain standing, if one fails roll, both are in a pile.

These are just some examples I've seen.  I'm sure there are others, like dwarf tossing, which could come up.  It should be noted that the rules state that you can't be "forced into" an occupied hex.  If you are forced back as in the "force retreat option" and you have nowhere to go, then you fall in the hex where you started. 

Good Fortune,
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