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(TFT) Correction

Of course, I worded this poorly.  I meant to say early on in the curve from
the centerThe biggest changes come in the (center( of the curve, e.g. 9 to
10 or 10 to 11 and drop off as you move away from the center, which was the
primary point of my post.  You lose skill pretty fast from the center of 10,
or gain it with some training, but the more you train the less you get for
your effort, and the longer you let that skill diminish, the less you lose
per skill point lost.

I had included four graphs to speak to, but they didn4t make to the posting
and so what I said didn4t really come off quite right.  Thanks Neil for
bringing this to my attention.


Quoting Kirk Woller <kwoller@satx.rr.com>:
> 		If you want to be better than 50% with your skill, then you
have to
> add a point.  Early on in the curve, you are adding a lot of % with
> that one point.

>Um, not quite. On a 3D6 curve, the greatest percentage increas is from
>9 to 10 and from 10 to 11. Think area under the curve. That's not early in
the curve (3 to 4, etc.)

>Neil Gilmore
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