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(TFT) The Tomb


As David said take a stab at it. I really liked what you did with The
Adventure on the wiki.  David did
catch a mistake I made and listed it on one of his posts after his
group played it.

 I'm assisting running a historical miniatures (some fantasy &
sci-fi)/boardgame convention, called the Williamsburg Muster, and this is
taking up my time right now.  If anyone lives close by come (Williamsburg, VA
February 6-8) by and play.  Website:

I met David Peterson who is also on the list at another con.  He lives in the
town I teach in and ironically I knew his wife as she also teaches in the same
school district.  Small world, I never put her name together with his.

As I have mentioned before I really don't play any more but its always nice to
remember the great times I had playing TFT.

Yours in Cidri,


Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it!  George Santayana 1905
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