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Re: (TFT) 3d6

< Peasants could NEVER afford plate armor. 
Historically, in an age when warriors were responsible for their own arms and armor (post Imperial rome, pre nation state), only the hardened veterans or elite members of a warrior culture (knights) were armored. In TFT, only the hardened veterans or the elite members of a warrior culture are armored. In every other game, everyone's armored. In role-playing games this is because you can't keep money out of the players' hands. In miniatures games, that's because the cost-to-benefit ratio of armor is too low. In TFT it's just right. >


I agree with you and wanna argue with you at the same time!

In TFT it's just right, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

I've heard several comparisons for the value of a suit of full plate.
Equal to a free holding is my favorite.
Free a peasent or two to arm your kid.

Have you seen some of the stuff they were required to do in full plate?
Ever see cowboy trick rideing?
No huhu, pomel swings and stirup stands.

If you mass manufacture swords, the whole legion is useing 30" swords.

A custom blade is probably a LARGE part of "Fine Weapons".

I wonder how much diffrence a 6-fingered sword-hand makes?

The easiest way to keep money outta a players hands is not to have any.
I run 6500 profit per field-hex in Goblin on a good year.
Of that, only about 500units are left in a village to circulate, and 2/3rds of what's left ends up at the Keep each and every year.

Players can take to robbery and the Counts men will go after them and we have a dynamic.
Elseif, players only get paid what the trafic can bear.

I also note that medieval tech just couldn't produce at the levels required to make it cheap.
It wasn't the lack of resources, it was a lack of labour.
If I require 80% of the entire population Farmers because they HAVE too be, your not gonna get a whole bunch of ANY type of reasonable armor all at once.

Also, as quick as you come up with new armor, your opponets are gonna try ways to penatrate it or otherwise neutralize the advantage.

A pilum is really only effective vs. a phalanx for example.
Neutralize the phalanx with the pilum and drop the pilum.

The mix is correct, I'm just not sure about how we got there.

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