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RE: (TFT) 3d6

The 3d6 bell curve is too steep and causes players to overvalue DX (i.e. an
adjDX of 12 = 74% chance of success; adjDX 13 = 84% and so on). >

But you give the solution to this in solutions.
I'm not griping here, you make an intresting point, it's just that I think adding more dice is more descriptive.
Even a ST30 is below 50/50 at 9d6.
Adding dice flattens the curve.

a. Change all atribute rolls to 1d20. This will make the jump from 10 to 11
to 12 far smaller and will give some benefit to real high stats.

b. Easy rolls are +4 to attribute. Average rolls are the attribute. Hard rolls (comparable to 4 die rolls) are -4 to the attribute. Very hard (comparable to 5 die rolls) are -8. Impossible are -12. And so on.

c. Natural 1 succeeds and natural 20 fails. If you roll a natural 1 in
combat, roll 1d6 1-3 automatic hit. 4-5 double damage. 6 triple damage. If you roll a natural 20 in combat, roll 1d6 1-3 automatic miss. 4-5 dropped wpn. 6 break wpn."

A 36 point character (ST12, DX12, IQ12) in TFT will now have to have 45 points (ST15, DX15, IQ15) for the same chance of success. This "extends the range" of useful attributes. >

I think part of the "feel" thing is I could use 20 cards for the same thing.

< Oh, and I recently discovered that my TFT site was offline. I'll put it back up soon. >

Good too know.
I thought it was just something on my end!

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