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RE: (TFT) 3d6

Hey Ty!  Welcome Back!

---- Ty Beard <tybeard@sbcglobal.net> wrote: 

> The 3d6 bell curve is too steep and causes players to overvalue 
> DX (i.e. an adjDX of 12 = 74% chance of success; adjDX 13 = 
> 84% and so on).

I never saw this as a problem - it represents the law of diminishing
returns very well.  The problem, as I see it, is in the application of
the adjustments.

An attribute of 15 gives a 95.37% chance for a positive result.   An
11 gives a 62.50% and a 7 gives a 16.20% chance.  The idea that 
a fixed adjustment (say, -4) is somehow more effective against a
low attribute than a higher attribute just doesn't pass the smell 
test to me

What would be nice is, instead of using a d20, use a d100 instead.
Then you could map the attribute (say, 15) to a d100 value (95%).
An 11 gets mapped to a 63%, a 7 gets mapped to a 16%.  Then a 
fixed adjustment - such as wearing chain - would affect everyone 
equally.  If wearing chain results in a 15% reduction to the "to-hit"
roll, everyone is affected equally.  The DX 7 character would still
have to rely on the automatic "to-hit" roll.

> Oh, and I recently discovered that my TFT site was offline. I'll 
> put it back up soon.

Yay!  That site was way cool  :)

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