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Re: (TFT) Glamour Survey

Sorry, I forgot to say an "Enemy with Magesight" for #10. For the Gatorade question, I was curious about the state of the glamor when wet. Does it get wet and dry according to normal physics?

Glamor specifically states that Mage Sight only works for the Figure that has it, not like disbelieving an illusion. I thought about the wet aspect after I'd sent the reply. The spell discription states that Glamor dosn't give the abilities of the disguise, so allowing equipment, I'd say that the Figure is leaving a trail of Gatorade for a period of time and would dry normally. I wouldn't feel obligated to tell any players about this in every situation however, and can even think of instances where a Figure may first learn of the wetness by having to check DX from steeping in it, like a misty floor or dim illumination that only lights the mega-hex around Figures, etc. My basic thought is that this is strictly a picture kind of thing, ergo to bring this thing off compleatly for long periods of time would require all sorts of backup spells/items/tallents like Ventriloquest, Disguise and any tallents the Glamor copys, like being able to run if your susposed to have Running. The knight in question would be vurnable to a Figure w/Accute Hearing pretty much right off the bat as said elf sure dosen't "sound" like a knight in half-plate... A Glamor where the Figure can adjust the illusion (?) like PvK suggests would strike me as something like an IQ+1 spell (IQ15 not 14) and one where the physicker could adjust a greave, etc. might be IQ16 or so... basicly, hanging enough bells and whistels on the thing to fool a whole Tallent makes it a diffrent spell imho. As a matter of fact, it dosen't actually say that the glamored Figure can actually see the Glamor, or from the Glamor/avatars point of view. In other words, just because some wizard casts Glamor on a average sized giant-hero (12ft tall in my game-world) dosen't mean that they get a view from 24ft all of a sudden... or does it?

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