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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

On May 6, 2011, at 10:57 PM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joey Beutel"
Subject: Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

As a fairly fast young lad, I can say that even much higher speeds are attainable, especially if you are just talking about a 5 second period.

There are a few factors to keep in mind:

1) Carrying stuff. Even if its not heavy, if you are carrying
something (especially on your hands, but also a back pack, or things
in pockets, etc) will greatly reduce speed. Especially if its heavy,
of course. I think this is well represented in the armor rules (Note:
I would NOT make sprinting, etc, impossible for men in armor. I just
would reduce the max speed, as with normal movement.), but should also be expanded to mention other things. Basically, a man in cloth or less
with no weapons (carried in hand or belt) and no back packs should
have a speed boost to the sprint.

I'm not sure about this.
From what I understand, while full plate may be heavy it was also fairly well distributed and knights were able to move pretty well.
These guys could do gymnastic moves like cartwheels and back-flips.
It's the fatigue to do it in ~55 pounds of gear.
I'll bet the unarmoured dude does more back-flips in 1 hour than the armoured fellow but I wouldn't tell the armoured cat that he can't do any back-flips.

This is why I find the current MAs too low as maximum speeds. It is certainly true that a man, even in full armor, CAN run. He will be at reduced speed, but not to a slow walk, as is the current ruling. Personally I also think the DX mods are a bit extreme, but they work, and they represent the idea that you need to be a well trained knight to effectively use that armor, and also I think most fitted armor (the sort of quick moving nice stuff that late medieval knights wore) would count as Fine Armor, while the standard plate is more like earlier, more clumsy armor... at that time chainmail was put to more use, anyway.

2) I'd keep your numbers, as they seem pretty good for your average
person (and wouldn't require adjusting for minor things, like carrying
a club, or having a back pack with not much in it, or even wearing
leather, probably). But I'd say that Runners should have a significant
boost to their spring speed. Probably something in the 20s.

MA 50 is ~30mph and MA 35 is ~20mph
from about 3 years ago...

"Broadly speaking, the average man can manage about 15mph for short periods, while the best sprinters are running, albeit briefly, at about 26-27mph. Not very efficient compared with a cheetah, which can reach speeds of three times that. Dogs and ostriches can also put us to shame.

The title of "fastest man in the world" is traditionally held by the 100-metre world record holder, but one scientific form of reckoning bestows that title on the former 200-metre runner Michael Johnson, whose performance in setting the world record of 19.32 sec at the 1996 Olympics produced an average speed of 23.15mph (compared with Bolt's 23.02mph on Saturday). In terms of peak speed, Canada's Donovan Bailey is credited with the record, hitting 27.07mph in winning the 100m title at the 1996 Olympics in a then world record of 9.84 sec."

Those numbers seem pretty consistent with what were my guesses.

3) I'd probably change around your rules regarding fatigue and whether
you can move in a straight line or not. I like the ideas behind them,
but I think they are better applied elsewhere (see point 4). Take your
friend, at ST 8.... they'd fall unconscious after running 8 5 second
turns. Thats only 40 seconds of sprinting, and they'd go only 156
meters in that time. Fact is, you probably ran a good deal more than
that in your tests, and nobody fell unconscious. Its also important to
note that Fatigue will also contribute to killing you, which works,
but its too easy for that to happen in current rules. Instead, I'd say
you should make fatigue kick in after sprinting for, every 3 turns.
(actually, just reread your rules, and my numbers are off. Still, i'd
make it every 3 turns). As for no turning, I'd allow turning, just
reduce turning to one "face" at a time, and you have to keep moving
while you turn (probably at least 3 hexes per turn).

I've got data for Chad Johnson (NFL wide receiver) making a 180 degree "cut" in ~0.1 second. I'd call it a Talent to make such a turn from full speed but it's certianly possable to make pretty extreem direction changes at speed especally at the angles of hex-side center to hex-side center.

Sure, maybe runners get an advantage, as do some other atheltic talents. Added together could allow this sort of thing, with DX rolls. But frankly I don't think thats too relevant for a base rule of what an average guy can or can't do while sprinting.

4) THEN I'd use your current fatigue and turning rules for the "full
on sprint" which should be even faster, but be even more limited.

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