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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

This is exactly my point, in game terms and in real life.

Their defining limitation is that they are two-handed, leaving the bearer without a means to parry effectively. All you need to defeat them, in small or large groups, is a large solid shield to take that first blow, and then you're short sword guts the guy. The Romans showed for a long time that the ultimate combination of weapons is the large shield and short sword.

If you throw heavily armored knights into the equation (with stirrups) then the polearm is the primary means to fight him. Or a longbow, or a big patch of boggy ground, or an armored wagon with crossbows (Hussites). Or better firearms. Once the knight is out, the polearm disappears. Who wants to carry that stupid thing around, anyway? My favorite piece of weapons hilarity is that guards at doors are always armed with polearms, even in Star Wars. But they look cool, and that's what matters, I guess. Fighting with a polearm in a room would be like watching the Stooges.

As Hulka says, just house rule it. =====
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