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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

yeah, but theory and medieval authors should be taken with plenty of salt, most had no idea what they were talking about, like so many so-called experts today who write books and appear on TV. And re-enacting isn't reality. If the re-enactors find an island where they won't be prosecuted for manslaughter and fight to death / wounding / unconsciousness, then we can take it seriously. Otherwise, it's a very theoretical exercise.

The fact that the weapons weren't the dominant weapon of any period, but merely used where needed and popular where effective, should say it all to anyone. The polearm was used from Asia to Western Europe, but only where it was necessary. The sword/shield combo was and has been more popular throughout history. The polearm is like the crossbow or the longbow. Useful for its purpose, useless where the purpose doesn't apply.

As we agree on the Romans, considering the matchup in game terms (Short Sword / Large Shield v. Polearm, or add chainmail to both) you aren't going to get around the fact that the large shield absorbs another 2 Hits per successful strike and can act as a weapon itself (and perhaps in Adv. Melee there's a special parry skill that allows the shield to completely negate a hit? I believe there is in GURPS). However, I also subscribe to the rules interpretation that says if there isn't a successful charge (3 straight hexes) or the character isn't Charged, then the polearm advantage doesn't come into effect.

The point is, that it shouldn't be the "dominant weapon" in TFT. If it is, then it needs to be house-ruled. If it isn't (and we've two opposing votes on it) then don't bother.

Personally, in Melee I haven't seen a dominance of any particular weapon. I guess if I heap a character full of DX, armor him heavily and give him a polearm, he might be quite dangerous if slow. But the danger is really from the combo of high Dmg and high Armor, and the fact that there's no cost to armor and weapons in Melee. I certainly wouldn't pay twice as much to equip such a character, in an adventure I don't think he'd be twice as good. But he would have some advantages if he didn't get surrounded.

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