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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

By the way, Close Combat (i.e. HTH) in GURPS is about as you/Fiore describe. You don't need to drop your weapon, nor to fall down, nor would either be a good idea unless you want to finish up there, get an easier grapple with both hands, or want to get the opponent down so a friend can finish him off.

--- raito@raito.com wrote:


One other point that separates reality from game rules is HTH. In 
particular, 15th century medieval wrestling is designed to not go to 
the ground (and basically for the same reason as in TFT -- that +4 DX). 
It's also designed to break bones and joints. But the idea that one 
simply must drop one's weapon in order to wrestle is not supported by 
the medieval masters. In particular, Fiore says two things about this. 
This first is that if you are close enough to touch with my hand, it is 
no longer a sword fight, it's a wrestling match. The second is that 
(for that time), if we are armoured, it is not a sword fight, it's a 
wrestling match. The majority of his writing on armoured combat is on 
how to wrestle while holding a two handed weapon, with the rest on how 
to wrestle with a one-handed weapon. He does assume that you learned 
how to wrestly without a weapon in his unarmoured section. 

Neil Gilmore
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