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Re: (TFT) Iron & magic

On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 10:18 AM, Margaret Tapley <barnswallow@sbcglobal.net
> wrote:

>> If you don't mind me asking...
>> I'll tell you a Zombie mob for Halloween if you share!
> No dimension-hopping pirates yet - just ordinary seagoing pirates. I made
> them up more or less off the top of my head, actually, so they might not
> have the same level of detail I know you like.
> The recipe: Take a fast ship (where "fast" means "faster than your average
> merchant/cargo ship"), add a motley crew of semi-tough fighters. They have
> some treasure, but not a whole lot - ships are expensive to keep afloat
> (maintenance costs go into food for the crew, tar for the hull, rope &
> canvas to replace rigging as it wears out, etc.).
> As for pirate strategy, mine didn't bother with gunpowder or cannon at all
> - the technology just isn't there. They sailed up to their intended victim,
> threw grappling hooks, and boarded (well, tried to...).
> Less "Pirates of the Carribean", more "Pirates of the Classical
> Mediterranean"...
> Does that answer your question? Can I have zombies now?
Ah I see!
The death of longship piracy at sea (the last of the Classical
type) resulted from practally building fortresses on the ends of
trading boats (fore-castle).
Speed reduced but survivability increased aparently.
Stripping down captured craft for increased speed seems to be a pirate modus
operendi from the get go but until cannon catching a floating fort is just
half the problem.
I was mostly currious about how you were "telling the story" to get the
players into the 'Action' part of the game.
Generally if I give a player a possistion like Captian then they get to move
a chit or otherwise gain an aspect of gametool controll they otherwise
wouldn't have normally had access too.

Okay zombies this evening.

>  "Having been addressed by your lot, and rudely treated if I must say, I'm
>> a
>> bit reluctant to 'kibitz' on this... topic"
>> This statement just adresses my fears of T-play overruns of my "visions"
>> due
>> too lots of 'smartness'...
> Apologies, whether on my own behalf or that of my kin. No one's trying to
> step on your style, and if we end up doing it occasionally, it's probably
> because we were trying to help...
Oh, "what do you do with a drunken Jay" checkin e-mail after a play session?
Grin and bear it I suppose.
Dosen't mean I'm proud.
I was more concerned with your status as a Mnoren, toying with me as is a
deitys wont, rather than infering the Tapley clan treats me illy.
Your lots been nothing but kind and helpful... sometimes insainly so.

 Okay, zombies for Halloween (or whatever the PC term is these days).
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