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Re: (TFT) Scale-squares

Gold coins and the like are Collection Items that stack within stacks.

I keep my 1" by 1" by 1" d6 in a canvaslike bank-bag ment for quarters that
is about 2 by 4 by 1 scale-squares in measure.
It just holds 100 of the described d6.
On the back is old markings written in a 'Sharpie" like marker saying
"200.00" and "25 cents".
Googling a quarter and doing the math tells me the bag easily contains 10
So I start weighing my dice.
22 grams is loosly average making the average weight for my 100 1 inch d6's
about 10 pounds.
But the weight varies so much that I'm suspecting air bubbles in those dice
and real possabilities for bias.
20 and a bit to near 24 w/o weighing all 100.

Making dice is a science unto itself.
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