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Re: (TFT) New creature - Night Crawlers

IQ "sees" a Action directed at the Figure and then evaluates and decides on
its Action in response, messaging the DX (conn nervous sys, rippled muscle
as opposed to smooth reflex tissues not under volition's control) which DX
then processes and begins the Reaction, often twitch response muscle
groups, trained timing, audio or other cues, and similar speed and timing
are far more important than the more raw force applied by ST, better shaped
by equipment than finesse as a full expression of exertion and endurance
ergo the fatigue tie.
1 pt of IQ represents a "sight resolution" of two Actionable phases per
turn roughly (as ST & DX allow of course) or an attempt at pulling off an
Action/Reaction each two or three seconds or so... mollusk movement rates
and the like thus watch Action unfold to a much greater extent than quicker
counterparts before choosing a course for their Figures, and likely
shouldn't go mucking about in combat situations... that's what bodyguards
are for.
Cops are just another military force... not bad in and of itself except for
its mere existence owing to its potential for misuse of the worst order
under the wrong governance and leadership.
Why did the little Corsican cause chaos in the balance despite brilliant
social and political reforms?
He turned the Happsbee's play at soldiering, hard suffered and won "Rules
of War" what come from letting the football team members do as they will
without accountability as long as the teams winning... much the same kind
of bad idea that saw the knights and men at arms of the periods often
engaged in petty raids and plundering in their own lands such that a
driving reason behind at least some of the crusades was getting these
yahoos outta town for awhile and have 'em go wreck someone ELSE'S backyard
for a change... kids and some Italian merchants with an army on boats and
no where to go off of them except where the captians decided to make
land... more often than not another city to sack for the Doge's profit...
How fast does the information flow... and through where?
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