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Re: (TFT) Hello

Uhhh I don't follow that one... Let's see...
Weapon damage looks more like assigning a weapon name to a d6 progression
what mirrors in blade, blunt, and pole. Good thing that the actual weapons
Mendeleev those numbers... wait! No Bode here actually as the data I've
gathered won't break down that way and the tools just slowly became present
and one day I'm scoping Sports Science... or even (shudders a bit)
Deadliest wawa's the wankers.

Most of the members there were TSR employees. That didn't help D&D much,
> did it?

It's a fair cop I guess but I'd like to point out that I don't know anyone
who played white box & Chainmail on all scales pretty much ever and I was
on the proper side of the Sabine over that period still involved in
miniature and boardgame wargaming with the classical Barker rules giving
way here and there to quite a few options in time periods, rulesets &
orders of battle, and new mini's like 15mm leadcast and even some plastic.
My Napoleonic Brits and French were Airfix 1:72 I believe in train HO scale
and I'd slapped paint on so many armies by then these fellas got a couple
of cans of spray-paint to suit nationality and got some sharpie ran across
the main straps of their webgear over time. This wham bam let's play man
approach really offended some and  we all know how hard it is to coax your
average gamer into value judgments, critiques, or even bothering to express
an opinion that might cause disagreement in the group... oh yeah... I let
the rant off the faebookakie suck me in with its vacuous logic suggesting
all the yelling was rude and figured you could hear the effects of having
my tongue planted firmly in cheek. 'ats on! About turn! On tha quick...
March! Stage left even... Grape Ape.

SCA Duke who won the first tournament held in Genevieve's Lake, and who
> lived in Austin.
> Neil Gilmore

Ah I see. You survived texas under the protection of Kinky Friedman who's
aura extends over The City Limits to create that isolated island of
coolness amongst all the... well, texas that surrounds it.  That which
doesn't kill you I suppose. I've managed to maintain an accidental vacation
above the 32 parallel for a decade plus at this point and civilized life
has cause my aboriginal acclimatization to the region to atrophy such that
I found I saw not a single snap of a football last season... I think that
must have voided my southern boy credentials but I'll go with the wtf red
state? loophole if they try pinning that on me. I like witnessing athletic
competition but footballs gone WWE and I go for script in sports about as
well as I do for storylines in a game.
"Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be
there, but it's not that important."
-John Carmack
Expected by WHO is what I wanna know... it's a cooperative medium so I
guess the first thing we need is a director/author to dictate a plot
everyone else must tow through the gameworld like a prisoner's ball and
chain turning an open world into so much window dressing on an unreachable
horizon. I'll take Tiny Tina's unbeatable dragon encounter from the getgo
thank you kindly
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