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Re: DX range adjustment, thrown things (was: Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy)

We read this as the task of hitting the ground rather than hitting a person directly, and yes, without the force or point-first requirements of hitting with pointy missiles.

--- mtapley@swri.edu wrote:


	There is a special case. AM pp. 23, Fire as a Weapon:
	"The range adjustment for DX on throwing molotails (and 
similar items) is -1 for every MEGAHEX distance from you to the 
target." (emphasis in original).

	I think maybe this is what Joey was thinking of.

	Not sure this is a great rule, but it makes some sense; I 
find it easier to lob a bottle ^M^M^M^M^M basketball ;-) onto a small 
target at moderate distance than to accurately throw an axe or spear 
at that target with useful energy.
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