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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Oh yeah... fencing.
I got to a spot I wanted to move on from and oops... sorry bout the break.
So maybe more than just me haven't really held any of the sporting weapons
and soooo might have some silly questions... uh, okay, no silly questions
only silly people who ask questions.
I look at something like this
I see too many styles crammed into one overarching term Rapier. Am I wrong
here? Are they mostly the same with subtler differences and I'm over
focused on the earlier forms blade or is this getting into two very
different styles?
Also, there's a link to a page with some fencing info I was wondering how
it sniffed to someone with a formal eye.
And am I off in lala land too far with the idea of applying footwork and
heavily moded routines to a shorter Action duration than TFT's 5 seconds
which is more like the average time it takes from snap to whistle for a
u.s. football play roughly speaking into decision phases instigating an
Action which takes x-time to perform and active decision phases over the
course of an Action allow interrupt checks based on the type of Action and
force behind it. Strong advancing, attacking, tempo Actions cost fatigue
while ground giving, defensive, declining Actions allow some fatigue
recovery generally between well matched combatants while overmatched
defenders will likely spend fatigue attempting a guard. I've just made
everybody spend fatigue and damage is the result of the force in ST behind
the blow (ST modified as simple machine for the tool being used to provide
game "stats") shaped by the tool (point, line, area with NBC & magic, etc.
also defined) modified by defense (armor, mods from technique etc, ST
applied to successful parry, etc.) with any force not absorbed, blocked or
likewise diverted applying injury anatomically. (ergo weird questions about
monsters I might throw out there...) I think it can be done without
throwing a boatload of charts at it or having Players sit and solve for
x,y,z because we all know how popular the algebra game is... but that's
awfully moot if I'm barking up the wrong tree completely. I'm thinking that
trying to keep to a feel of the Musketeer flicks should keep me in the
ballparks parkinglot at least but with all the experts I'd be interested in
any glaring errors or other "you got that all wrong" bits anyone notices or
any suggestions that might spring to mind.

Power was out for the best part of two days so I've got handwritten stuff
to... oh yeah the tablet has cameras and a supposed app for pic-scan PDF's
I'll check out to see just how it doesn't work.
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