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(TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

I mentioned this in another email but haven't really used it before and would like some feed back.

Do we think it'd be a good idea, as a house rule, to have on additional action:

Anytime a character can Attack, they also have the ability to combine this attack with a Dodge/Parry.

When they do this, they roll 3d6 against their AdjDX. If they succeed, they Dodge/Parry as normal, and may also attack at -3 DX. If they fail, they do not Dodge/Parry, but still are at -3DX on their attack.

Any potential problems? Any experience with similar concepts? Should -3DX actually be -4, or -2? Perhaps a failed 3d6 against AdjDX should prevent both attack and dodge, or the player chooses which one fails?
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