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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

> I mentioned this in another email but haven't really used it before and
> would like some feed back.
> Do we think it'd be a good idea, as a house rule, to have on additional
> action:
> Anytime a character can Attack, they also have the ability to combine this
> attack with a Dodge/Parry.

Depends on what you mean by Dodge/Parry. I'm not sure of your meaning.
Currently, TFT has no Parry, so that's no much use in understanding, and
Dodge is useful only for the disengaged. Do you mean that success means
they're not hit?

One of the experiments I've run through the years involved being able to
use DX for offense and for defense. On your action, you could allocate
your DX to both offense and defense. For offense, what you allocated
became your base DX until your next action. For defense, your opponent got
modified down by the number of DX points you put into defense, but that
only applied to guys in your front hexes (because you could do it to
missle and thrown attacks, too). I don't quite recall if you could combine
that with Dodge/Defend. I imagien I had it be one or the other, because
the combo would be too good. If you're Dodging/Defending, you have no
offense, so put all your DX into defense. So a DX 12 guy would lower the
attacking adjDx by 12, along with requiring that extra die.

I combined this with my idea of a sliding damage die scale and burning ST
(as fatigue) for attack Dx and damage dice.

It made straight up duels much more interesting. But it bogged down
general combat some, and really changed the flow of combat. Not
necessarily in an unrealistic manner, though. It became much more valuable
than a DX mod to get to someone's side or rear. And it made combat either
take a longer or shorter number of turns. Longer if the combatants were
making it harder to hit each other. Shorter if someone guessed wrong and
just hammered onj the first hit.

I suppose I ought to try to write this stuff up sometime.

Neil Gilmore
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