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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

One thing that 3DX rolls have going for them is that the percentages are
pretty easy. I've run army-sized battles on a more strtategic level by
using the percentages. Just an outline, but I'd figure out how many of one
army were engaging how many of the other. For attacks, I'd just apply the
percentages, and the same for damage. The strategies were for getting more
of your guys hitting on fewer of theirs.

I may get back to that some day, as a basis for some computer simulation
stuff to do the calculations. They're not hard, but there's a bunch of
them. Off the top of my head, sure, the first round you know everyone is
at full ST. But some take damage. In the second round, how many that take
X damage die? Well, it depends on who gets hit.

I imagine that these days, I coudl actually model the entire combat in
detail, rather than the statistically-based approach I used to use.

Neil Gilmore

> Ha, I'm kinda going the opposite direction, in a way.
> I'm kinda rethinking of TFT as a semi-RPG to play a game set in a large
> kingdom (or a more medium sized kingdom and the surrounding areas) with
> "characters" being mostly nobility, generals, war heroes, important
> merchants, priests, and the like. Regular foot troops and peasants would
> basically be like pawns in a strategy game at this scale, but there is
> still plenty of room for intracharacter interaction (so its not just a
> strategy game).
> I'll be using TFT as the basis (especially combat stuff... We'll see how
> well TFT works when its applied to armies of hundreds of soldiers)  with
> some add ons (more detailed "personality" and character interaction-type
> rules for courtier stuff, based on TFT but expanded, and some simple
> strategic elements, and some "morale" type rules for units in combat).
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