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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

Hi Neil.
That's pretty much the approach I'm using. Irregular Units don't spend time
training and as a result they form loose mobs that can't do much but charge
forward. A number of Leaders can take command of a section of the overall
mob each and get a bit more out of the bunch with good timing but leveys
are quite shaky although seasoned peasants can stand with a bit
of discipline. Regulars train at least part time and are likely to be
equipped to some standard, although this isn't a requirement, but if so
it's likely to be with equipment designed to function in formation. Units
pick up Unit Talents allowing formation drills, movement speed, equipment
configuration, and pretty much whatever a overall commander could think up
to have them practice with these maneuvers preformed when the Unit is
Ordered to by it's commander. These Talents cost just like any other for
the Units members while its officer doesn't spend Talent points to issue
commands but spends 2 IQ on Followers 1 covering the Unit the other
assigned to the CO and still will need command Talents to function
consistently on the battlefield. The next common Scale-level up is Squad
Leader/Lords of the Underearth squads and platoons with 40m Hexes sts and
10m quarter inch squares (handy for football too, which doesn't have to
have fantasy Figures but can be run as the current rosters at any level you
please and this is true of all athletics t/y fST). I do packing problems
for the tiles at scale and allow military commanders to set and train their
own formations within said space and troops are limited by the total
population and limits or restrictions on service with the adult male
segment being under 25% of the population total. Moral is coupled to the
Civilization (among many others) concept of "Happiness" which stems from
government policy/law, unit success/pay, and buildings that provide
happiness and support through their functions... and I'm just getting back
after a bit of a delay so I'll leave the babble be for tonight and see if I
can get a bit done before knocking out before midnight for a change...
sorry bout the odd stop... the more I hammer at this the better even if
it's not by much... bleh, it's the cram study session that never ends and
isn't in my field... oy
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