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Re: Dodging arrows (was: Re: (TFT) Targeting Horses and their Riders)

Okay, let's think about that .5 second.  Did you ever play dodge ball from the
time the ball left my hand to his someone was about in that time range (unless
you were right on top of them then you go for the face :-O).  Generally I hit
around 70 percent of the time this was in high school and in college believe
it or not as part of a team building assignment; I still play with my kids (no
head hunting wife gets angry).  Now I am fairly accurate, I can win at those
stupid fair games, but I don't have Brett Favre cannon arm, but people were
dodging if they did random things it was hard to hit them then the people who
either waited trying to catch the ball or jump out of the way.

 You can try this yourself get some victims uh I mean volunteers and have a
go, I would bet the guys jumping around and juking are hard to hit then the
guys who wait for the ball to launch.  Obviously you can't just do 1 2 3 throw
or they will time the rhythm and all you are proving is that they can see a

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     Sounds like a plausible arrow speed, but what do I know.

       A whole-body response time of .5 seconds sounds fast but not
       to me. Consider that a pre-programmed jump from sprint blocks in
       response to a highly salient start signal takes over 100 ms, a
       reaction in response to arrow flight would take significantly longer,
       and perceptual limits would reduce the time available still further.

       Finally, 50 yards = 45.72 meters = 34 hexes (about 15 megahexes, or 3
       melee maps placed end-to-end). Unusual combat situation for our group.

       So I might allow someone with combat reflexes to dodge or block a very
       long shot like this one, if they knew it was coming. Esp if it meant a
       cinematic outcome like dodging an assassin's aimed shot to the head
       that kind of range. Of course the assassin would be firing at DX -7
       range and -6 for the headshot.

       On Tue, Aug 27, 2013, at 12:32 AM, PvK wrote:
       > I have fairly fast arrow speeds at about 200 feet per second, maybe
       > feet per second as a maximum probably not achieved by low-tech bows.
       > 50 yards is 150 feet, meaning at least a half-second of flight time,
       > which is enough to move your entire body left or right, completely
out of
       > the space it was in when the firer loosed the arrow...
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