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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #348

>  It takes a lot less time to train a man at arms to ride well and attack
> from
> a horse.  I lived next to a horse ranch and saw people trained and also
> rode
> myself, horses and riders can be trained fairly quickly.  Don't think so
> see
> the Yankee Cav (mostly city bred non horsemen) in the Civil war by 1863
> they
> were as good as the Confederates who are considered some of the best to
> ever
> take to the saddle.   Also the US Cav and Volunteers in the Spanish
> American
> war were brought up to speed very quickly in formation and maneuver
> tactics,
> obviously the people had some idea as to how to ride, then again so did
> the
> French.  It is the maneuver and formation that they had to learn which
> takes a
> lot less time than building up the strength, stamina and accuracy that a
> veteran English archer had.

This is simply not correct. Please note that later cavalry were not
trained the same sort of warfare as the armoured knight.

Teaching someone to ride is only the prerequisite to teaching them to
fight from the saddle. I know people who do fight in armour from the
saddle. Some in SCA, some in IJA (International Jousting
Association)(Lloyd Clark lives less than an hour away). Took them a lot of
years to get their proficiency. Hitting something with a lance and keeping
your seat is not a mean skill.

Whereas the local archers (I'm blessed with a group that does archery
every week) can get anyone physically capable able to do what's necessary
in a couple years of training. The accuracy required for mass volley
really isn't difficult at all. For example, I could regularly hit a 10'
circle at 100 yards after only a day's practice. And I only shoot maybe
twice a year. I've been known to best guys who shoot twice a week at 40

My experiences appear to contradict yours.

Sure, you can point to all that physical evidence that the longbowmen had
their very bodies modified by their art. And I can also point to sources
(like Wisby) where you can tell the riders and swordsmen by their bodies,

Neil Gilmore
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