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Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

I'd support doing so -- as long as we kept to the spirit of the original.

But hasn't something like this already been done by several folks on 
this board?  And by both Dark City Games and Chris Gonnerman with his "He
roes and Other Worlds?"

But in my perfect world, here's what I'd like 
to see:

Admittedly, I prefer something less dramatic to better handle 
the drain of magic energy than either Fatigue or Endurance -- would, in fac
t, prefer something along the lines of "Mana points" that act SOLELY to pow
er magic without interfering in physical injuries, etc.  And, of course, 
we'd need to introduce some sort of healing magic spells/potions/items to m
ake it possible for characters to actually survive a dungeon crawl without 
the "five minutes of violence followed by two weeks of recovery" meme reari
ng it's ugly head.

I'd also like to see something done with the experi
ence points system -- perhaps more analogous to Dark City Games' methodolog
y (which also tends to solve the issue of wizards with 50 points of IQ, sin
ce under the DCG system, they can just learn talents/spells rather than hav
ing to up their basic characteristics, though I also like the players havin
g the option to do just that).

Other than those (and maybe some decent
 mounted and aerial combat rules), I can't really see a whole lot of things
 that need to be changed, per se.  Oh, you might want to look at some dif
ferent tables for "off-duty" time -- I once worked up some tables for that 
stuff based on the tables in Down With the King that my players seemed to e
njoy, but all of that sort of thing would just be add ons. Indeed, if anyon
e here has run a full-up campaign of The Fantasy Trip, you undoubtedly came
 up with all kinds of random tables and things (wandering monsters, wildern
ess encounters, whatever) just as I did so you could play things by ear whe
n your players wandered off the reservation.  Those things could easily b
e put together as optional tables as well.

And some guy went to the en
ormous trouble of converting Empire of the Petal Throne to TFT -- my hat's 
REALLY off to him -- that would be a ton of work, but gave us some pretty n
ifty new monsters and stuff to use.  (I admit I have a special place for 
EPT, given that it was the very first FRPG that my brother and I ever playe
d -- even before we ran across a copy of the LBB version of D&D a few month
s later, so I've FREQUENTLY used EPT creatures to throw the fear of the god
s into my players over the years....)

I definitely would like to see a
 "35th Anniversary" issue of TFT though.  I imagine all of us would, thou
gh the debates on what ought to be changed could be fairly enthusiastic....

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I am curious if anybody has thought about making a new game in the TF
spirit?  Game mechanics themselves cannot be copyrighted, only specif
assets like names, places, wording for rules, illustrations, game boar
layout etc, but the mechanics themselves are free from copyright.  As
it is possible to make a game that has the best aspects that we all
about TFT and change where we feel it has shortcomings and create a
that plays similar to it enough to have that Melee/Wizard experienc
e that
everybody can enjoy.  TFT components are getting harder and hard
er to find
on eBay and more expensive, making a clone of sorts allows the
mechanics to live on even tho the original games may fade into hist



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> On Tue, 29 Jul 2014 10
:03:13 -0700
> Jeffrey Vandine <jlv61560@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > *Though 
maybe if en
> > ough of us screamed and held our breath and wept loudly, 
he might see
> his w
> > ay to do a TFT Kickstarter to do it the way he
 originally wanted it done
> be
> > fore Thompson screwed the pooch wit
h the original set.  Of course that's
> > all pure speculation, and I d
oubt Thompson (who seems to be a
> small-minded,
> >  petty, and vind
ictive sort of person) would ever let Steve have the
> rights
> >  ba
> There was a list member some time back that looked into acquir
ing the TFT
> rights.  He had some resources at his disposal, but he'd 
have had to get a
> bank check in the amount he was willing to offer, and
 Thompson would either
> give a yes or no with no further negotiation pos
sible.  Given the very
> limited appeal of such a re-release, he decide
d it wasn't worth the
> aggravation.
> I don't think a kickstarter 
could possibly help in this situation.  The
> closest we'll probably co
me is the Dark City series of games.
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