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Re: (TFT) Copyright and the USA's Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Actually, I have digital copies of everything (including the campaign modul
es and even the capital city modules -- which were revised and sold as part
 of Thieves World after Howard folded his tent) as well -- all downloaded f
rom the web somewhere (with the exception of a couple of sheets of unit cou
nters which I scanned myself).  Of course, I physically own the games too
.  Getting digital copies of everything isn't a big show stopper for any 
of this.

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Copyright and the USA's Digital Millennium Copyright

I dunno, just checked myfiles and find I have all the TFT ga
mes from 
downloads, from somewhere or other.  Haven't been continuousl
y active or had 
it on my mind, but it seems like they're available.  A
nd ebay is still full 
of them, last I checked.

But yes, the idea is
 great.  It'd be fab if Steve Jackson would make a very 
simple GURPS i
n tiney format.  Hey JUST LIKE Melee Wizard, right?

I'd buy them all
 in a second!

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opyright and the USA's Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Yeah, sadly l
aws like the DMCA and other copyright extension laws are
robbing us of ou
r culture.

I know this is probably dating me a bit, but I am sure ther
e are many on
this list in the same boat as I, but I was a teenager when 
these gamea came
out and they were quite popular at my jr. high and high 
schools, at least
amongst the more nerdy types.  Anytime you went into 
the library you could
find at least one table where there were people the
re playing one of these
games, often with me sitting there! :)  They ga
mes were popular because
they were cheap enough nearly anybody could buy 
them and they were small
enough that you could stuff a few into your back
pack to enjoy with your
friends at school.

My high school even had a
 gaming club.  They mostly played D&D but they
also on occasion could b
e seen playing Melee, Wizard, Ogre, Warp War and
others of the microgames

Youth these days have the Internet and online games and take little

interest in these types of games, but in my opinion online experiences d
not compare to having my friends and I sitting around a table and enjoy
a great time together playing games.  Online groups just do not hav
e the
same kinds of energy as when you get people physically together in 

Many people of my generation would recognize the names of
 these games and
those younger (and some subset of older people) have nev
er heard of them
and will never know the fun of in person group gaming.
  Sadly the
Microgames and other such things will end up dieing with us
 just because
copyright has been extended to the point that for a human l
ifespan it is
unlimited.  By the time these treasures are free from cop
yright they will
probably be long out of existance and never to be played
 and enjoyed by
future generations due to the greed of a few in our lifet


On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Rick Smith
 <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca> wrote:

> Hi all, Jim.
> The USA's DMCA 
is an abomination.  Fortunately most of the world is not
> so enthralle
d with big business.
> Rick.
> On 2014-07-29, at 3:06 PM, J
im Kundert wrote:
> > DMCA Takedown Notices are a bit more than just a C&
> >
> >
> > On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 2:54 PM, Mike Riley <rileym6
5@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> Yep, a cease and desist letter is likely t
he only thing that would
> happen.
> >> The game itself is not commerci
ally viable since it is not even being
> sold,
> >> nor has been in qui
te a few years.  In every case that I have heard of
> >> where a copyri
ght owner requested the take down of abandonware from 
> >> some
> >> s
ite, it was just a C&D and no other charges were filed.  The only case

> I
> >> know of that this was not the case was because whoever was makin
g it
> >> available did not take it down when asked to do so.
> >>  
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