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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

At 03:07 PM 10/16/2015, $mike cremer wrote:
Aha! My scanned-text-only rules FTW!

Melee, Section VI. Facing:

'A figure on the ground, or one bending over to pick up a weapon, is
considered to face "rear" in all six directions; it has no front.'


p.s. I don't know if that rule carried forward into Advanced Melee, as I
have not yet scanned-OCRed-edited that one.

Aha! Ok, yep it's the same under Facing in Advanced Melee too. I forgot.

p.p.s. Halberds are 2 - 1 in Melee.

Wow, I always forget about this.

As for spears, my copy of Melee and Advanced Melee agree 2-handed spears do 1d+1. This sim has them at 1d+2.

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