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Re: (TFT) New File on Dwarves on Rick's web pages.

Oh, I see. Cool.

Yeah, I'd say that makes sense logically. In my uber complex GURPS house rules, there is a disadvantage to being short (running speed reduction) but also an advantage in that a suit of armor weighs and costs less because it is smaller than the same if the same type suit were covering a larger person.

At 08:09 PM 2/3/2016, Rick wrote:
Hi Peter,
  I didn't like in the Advantages of Great ST, you only got bonuses for
ST for some armor and that these bonuses only came at rare magic

  So ALL armor can now have reduced DX and MA penalties, if you are
strong enough.  There are two numbers: The threshold number where you
are strong enough to start getting less penalties, and the No Negatives
number which is at what ST (and higher) that a given set of armor no
longer gives you any penalties.

  Because dwarves get less MA negatives for armor, the No Negatives
number also has to be reduced to make things work out right.

  Warm regards, Rick

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