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Re: (TFT) a survey of Melee and Wizard editions

I am a big Starfleet Battles player too but even that game's mechanics co
uld be kept moving and I like the Fed and Empire except they went to far 
adding raids (going microtactical in a strategic game).  Of course TFT is
 not at that level but the mechanics flow so well that I am willing to sa
y good enough.











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       At 11:45 AM 3/16/2016, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
         >This particular exchange raises an interesting point. To my min
d (and I sin
         >cerely doubt I'm being original here) there are two kinds of pl

         Yes. There's more detail to different people's tastes, but basic
ally yes,
         at least as far as contrasting me to most others, I know I'm way
 out on the
         far end of wanting to simulate combat in great detail.

         >As a recent example, I prefer to run with Wizard and Melee as m
y basis (wit
         >h only a few of the Advanced Wizard or Advanced Melee rules in 
play at any
         >given time), but someone (sorry, I forget who, now) basically d
emanded to k
         >now why anyone would think that was better. ...

         Well (hehe) that was me too, but I didn't mean to come across as
         to know, or to say others were wrong. I may have overstated it, 
but I have a
         hard time relating to why people prefer Melee and Wizard over AM
 and AW.

         The analysis of the different versions recently underlined that,
 and reminded
         me of the sequence.

         Steve Jackson did versions 1-3, which improved things, and then 
added ITL,
         AM and AW, which added even more stuff, which seemed all good to
 me. Then
         there were the HT editions of Melee, which added a couple of att
empts at
         rules development, but also accidentally put in weird reversions
 to 1st
         edition Melee. So that looked pretty useless, to me. Melee seeme
d less
         useful than AM for campaigning because its context is arena comb
at, and
         has none of the ITL-compatible context than AM does, such as wei
ghts for

         But yes, since we were the type of players you mentioned who pre
fer details
         of simulation, Melee offered nothing but less, which was a step 
in the wrong
         direction unless you wanted to give someone a short version of t
he rules
         to learn with. And even then, you wanted to check they didn't ha
ve a weird
         version of Melee, which was 3/5 of the versions, including the l
atest versions
         for sale, which was problematic.

         Being so detail-oriented (and even back in high school, used to 
playing other
         far more complex wargames, such as Squad Leader or Starfleet Bat
tles), it's
         hard for me to relate to Advanced Melee as having too much stuff

         But it makes sense too that the players who felt TFT was just th
e right amount
         of rules, and have kept playing it, would tend to not be rules-h
ungry players
         like me.

         Though I think TFT is a great example of a combination of short 
         (especially if you just use Melee & Wizard) yet having a excelle
nt amount of
         details and logic.


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