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Re: (TFT) a survey of Melee and Wizard editions

At 02:00 PM 3/16/2016, Edward Kroeten wrote:
I am a big Starfleet Battles player too but even that game's mechanics co
uld be kept moving and I like the Fed and Empire except they went to far
adding raids (going microtactical in a strategic game).  Of course TFT is
 not at that level but the mechanics flow so well that I am willing to sa
y good enough.

What I find about rule complexity is that once I get used to a new set
of rules, they get automatic and I'm ready to add some new ones, which
then also become automatic. It took us 5-7 years to be really wanting
more rules for TFT, then another 4-5 years to be wanting more rules for
GURPS. But having played with more and more rules for 10 years, and now
for decades, most of it is automatic. My brain just "does" TFT/GURPS, and
it doesn't take me long at all to run combat in either one.

(BTW, we set up Federation and Empire and then ran it as a campaign where
we resolved the battles using SFB. It took years and was not going to get
finished ever, but the point was to make a mega campaign, and have context
for the tactical battles.)
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