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Re: [Slope: Ch 10] Thrown Spell talent - change?

At 10:04 AM 5/3/2018, Rick wrote:
  One change Iâ??ve made to TFT is most of the thrown spells give the
victim a saving throw.  For example, the sleep spell gives you a 4 vs
(the victimâ??s LOWEST ST, DX or IQ).

  These saving throw are typically pretty tough, but anyone might get

  I like my suggestion about lowering range negatives by 5 since it
makes casting thrown spells at range easier, which I think is a neat
change to TFT.

Yeah, that seems like it can balance nicely, since you offset the reduced range penalty by adding a saving throw, and the saving through nicely includes the target's stats, so it's less of a "anyone is automatically messed up if you cast this spell on them" thing. I like that thrown spells are a consideration at longer range but less certain even if the caster has high DX since it's also about the defender's resistance.