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Re: Why not close down the Brainiac TFT forum?

At 10:41 AM 5/3/2018, Jeff V. wrote:
That's your interpretation. I believe that there is room for both this list and the forums, and that each can provide a good resource without "killing" the other.

Agreed. Each has a different context and I wouldn't want this one to go away.

As far as avoiding the commentary over there about "TFT should stay the same," that's as simple as creating a thread titled RULES THAT WILL NEVER APPEAR IN TFT, and reminding the occasional dunce that if he doesn't approve of the rules variations suggested there that he needn't implement it.

I think there is a bit of a filter on the SJ forum because of the context of the new TFT release which looks like it's starting with basic Melee and Wizard for new & nostalgic players, which is all well & good but not much help to people who have remained TFT experts for decades and want to talk about existing campaigns and house rules.

But I also think it only discourages rules improvements to add comments about what SJ isn't going to do in the new versions, or as you suggest to add one's own comment about how a new good idea will never appear in TFT. I think that's pretty needless and counter-productive.

I also don't agree with Rick that SJ isn't going to tweak and improve some things, especially for the later more advanced TFT books. SJ has already posted some of his thoughts that include at least a few tweaks and changes to things, and he's clearly reading the forums, so I think it's better to stay positive about the potential for improvements and don't see what it helps to be adding remarks that you don't think SJ will consider changing things.