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Pole Weaps versus Cav Charge

So I wonder if anyone in the 1920s or 1930s caught on movie film the moment of impact between a genuine cav charge and pole weapons?  (Maybe during The River War, or the breakup of the Austo-Hungarian Empire or a Russian invasion of Turkey?)   What really happens?  I wouldn't trust written accounts from the cavalry era(s) --- due to viewpoint problems.  (Herald: "Then our stalwart yeomanry did withstand the enemy charge!" [real world: 60% casualties among the pikemen, go get more yeoman before your next battle]). 

My most vivid "memories" of it are... TLOTR: Peter Jackson has the Rohirrim pretty much pancake the poor orcs twice: Helm's Deep and Minis Tirith.  OTOH, the USMC claimed into the 1910's at least (had an elderly relative) that they were stoic enough to stop a cav charge just with mounted bayonets and discipline.   Seems like good fiction or poor memories are all we have to go on.  Someone here know of some original source material? 

-- Craig