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Re: Fighting Styles ReImagined

I'm on bloody tablet at the moment so I'll have to dig the write up this evening but I have put En Guard!/Swashbuckler a GDW u.s. and Yaquento simplification that use a phase system ah la Hero System Champions etc that some other system had I think can't quite recall... Supplements? Something like that.
The other bit is square-hexes snaped to quarter inch graph w/1 Melee-hex @1" n to s & each square ~1' which serves well for floorplans which don't have to align or snap to vertices on world maps owing to frames being relative at the door for such floors and footwork comes out like Authur Murry dance charts for example Joe Average Hero jogs with foot placement in stride from hex center to hex side to hex centet while a full on sprint hits hex center to hex center... In voxels its pretty much Minecraft because riding to perfect laughter with the gods omits the bit that the laughter is at Your expense the sob
Oy where's the form at Jay?