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Re: Fighting Styles ReImagined

Realism is sufficient not necessary
Entertaining is necessary
Game components are tools allowing the group to share a common imaginative picture among one another for the most part be the subject realistic or fantastical what matters most is clear understanding in envissioning the same thing as much as possible anyway
Individual groups will add detail and complexity as suits the group interests and its not My place to dictate or direct in that reguard I'm concerned with falicating play and addressing stagnation brought on by totalitarian business interests which are a real world example of the pitfalls arising from poor conceptualization as business in not business in much of any meaningful ways but to assume such places profit as unduely important while product reduced to widget becomes neglected and so to then are customers such that companies aware of quality reductions made to maximise profit will upset customers and so begin to view those very customers as antagonistic resulting in bizzar attitudes like the video game industry that increasingly pushes a gamings biggest problem is gamers and correctly so when product becomes service and customer is studied with a purpose not to serve but rather to psychologically manipulate in order to persue profit for profit sake prioritys giving Us the same kill to advance dungeon/module crawl market model wb froze d&d into in its infancy focusing on different games every few years rather than refining rules over time into the best model for Players and pushing bounds with new mechanics with notable exceptions... Chaosium I'm looking approvingly in Your direction... Wizards of the Coast I'm waving My naughty bits at Your aunties
Not to say I'm  Ponce Pilot with perfect palms in regards to cards but its applied to equipment and encumberance and index cards suffices because I'm nutz and hold inclusiveness as a higher priority than forcing a proprietary apple component necessary to play for maximum milking of the Player I put at Player for Players sake top priority with the pipe dream content with providing quality components at modest profit for those who can afford to collect such parafinalia because I like pot and delusion is a requirement to do this kind of thing and million dollar ideas paying out in 2100 are almost meh exciting if one treats such as immortal... Elseif treatment is advisable
Let it be

Interesting.  That’s not bad, Jeffrey!  Im envisioning styles like Tiger/Crane, Mantis, etc … but maybe a real karateka could come up with something more realistic.